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10XG Ventures is a business consulting firm based in Bangalore that specialises in helping businesses across various industries achieve business growth. Our expertise lies in providing innovative solutions such as digital transformation and process optimisation. We are committed to delivering success and satisfaction to our clients through our exceptional marketing, management, and business growth services, which position them at the forefront of their competition.


What sets us apart is our ability to combine our highly sought-after business consulting expertise with our innovative strategies to provide effective business development solutions for our clients. At 10XG, we are dedicated to staying ahead of the dynamic business landscape and creating unique solutions that drive the continued growth of our diverse clientele.


From creating compelling content to leveraging cutting-edge technology, 10XG Engaging is fully committed to helping clients differentiate themselves and thrive in today's competitive market. With our passion and unwavering commitment, we strive to exceed expectations and propel businesses to new heights.

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Our Mission

To equip our clients with the best, result-oriented, cost-effective and innovative business solutions that will grow their businesses 10X and put them on the global map.

Our Vision

To be the chosen business growth consulting partner for organizations looking to scale up across industries and geographies.

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Ravi Mukundan

Ravi began his career in the hospitality industry at the Taj Group before transitioning to corporate sales, channel sales, distribution, and process excellence roles with organizations like Bharti Airtel and Fidelity Business Services India. He has also led cross-geo automation and productivity enhancement initiatives. Ravi has focused on working with startups in the SaaS, IoT, business automation, and hyperlocal e-commerce sectors in the past five years.

Sheebaa Ali

Leveraging a decade of experience in technology and business development, Sheebaa's passion for growth drives her proficiency in project management, training, and technology. She has worked with industry leaders across diverse domains, including Tech Mahindra, Microland, Hexaware, and NIS Sparta. She is committed to utilizing her expertise and academic background to facilitate business transformation and growth through impactful contributions.

Adam Hyder

As a seasoned business advisor, Adam has led countless startups and succeeded in today's competitive landscape. With a deep understanding of new business challenges, he's committed to providing the support and guidance to turn entrepreneurial visions into reality.

Ali Syed

Ali is a technical leader who has made his mark in the Bay Area, CA, USA, IT sector. Many influencers endorse his engineering and problem-solving skills. He understands business processes and, accordingly, designs and develops technical solutions.

Suzzane Philip

Suzzane formulated a unique business framework centred around innovation, operational effectiveness, and customer contentment, while also emphasizing the importance of investing in research and development.

Pawan Keswani

With over 18+ years of experience, Pawan has led strategic, global, and business centric engagements, partnering with highly accomplished leaders in the FinTech, Telecom, and ASIC spaces. Having used first principle thinking to identify and solve problems, he has been able to inject speed and customer obsession while delivering awesome results.
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