Process and automation advisory

Process and Automation Advisory

Our model of Optimized Operations focuses on consistent human performance and repeatable processes. Up-to-date and relevant processes and procedures need to be in place to provide the framework for businesses to have smooth operations. A study of all areas of the work flow elements need to be understood and established to measure, monitor, and control to continue steering the organization towards the desired business and financial results. Our core competence include:

i. Reducing Human errors, unplanned Outages and errors.
ii. Empowering Condition Based Monitoring and Building collective Ownership
iii. Ensuring Consistent Human Performance with clear Roles and Responsibilities.
iv. Process audits and redesign within parameters
v. Process documentation,orientation and certification supports.
vi. Innovation and Lean Six Sigma work shops,deployment and team engagement.

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Why Choose 10XG
We help the partner companies to :-
1. Create and implement scalable processes
2. Select and implement the right automation tools
3. Reduce risks and increase predictability
4. Enable documentation and certifications
5. Create a culture of Innovation.

Skills enabling Process improvement
1. Innovation
2. Knowledge Management
3. LEAN mindset


Skills That Make a Meaningful Difference for Your Business

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Knowledge Management
LEAN mindset