10XG with its media services offers Digital marketing services for its clients. The services include:-

Website design and creation –

Understanding the intended product, the mood, and the message to be conveyed in the outsource digital marketing services campaign. We can help organizations create a website that truly defines them. Simply put we clear the clutter of “me too” digital marketeers by making our digital marketing outsourcing company apt to the audiences and products/services you intend to showcase.

Competition analysis –

Our team identifies top competition in your business and tracks competition activities for you. Constantly updating your industry trends and shifts. We also conduct a quarterly comparison report of your product or offerings vs top competition. Making outsource digital marketing more than just a campaign.

Social media and online promotions and lead generation –

Using outsource digital marketing and effectively managing the spends on off-page promotions for you. We actively monitor Google Adwords and other online mediums for maximum “Bang for the Buck” Digital marketing campaign.

Contact us for an in-person discussion on not just the content, but also on the mood and messaging. Of course, we ensure the website is optimized for keywords that you would want to promote and also the layout is as per your content.

Our Offline Marketing services include:-

lead generation business

Outsourced marketing for SMBs –

We understand that handling effective marketing for your products and services is both time consuming and requires a lot of investment in time and effort, apart from monetary investments. We offer outsource digital marketing services to ensure a worry-free Outsourced marketing teams for you. So next time, you have a plan- our team can help you with

  1. Creatives
  2. Promotion plans,
  3. The marketing materials- be it creating brochures, designing logos or creative packagings,
  4. Display and visibility collaterals and materials or
  5. Effective market combing and Roadshows.

Competition analysis –

  1. Roadshows
  2. Creation of Marketing /Brand collaterals
  3. Events -Stalls -including manpower
  4. Market research
  5. Market activation

Contact us for more details and your specific requirements. Always eager to help and work together!